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Sponsor a Healthy Meal for Folks on the Front Lines

During these difficult and unprecedented times, we are in right now, we are determined to help the community.   Last week we sent over 100 great meals to seniors in our Saco/Biddeford area.

 While we would love to continue feeding folks, we can't do it alone.

 The economic demands, as well as a temporary slow down in our business since we have been under statewide restrictions, make it virtually impossible to contiunue helping on our own.

However, this situation that efrects us all remains important enough to us that we have decided to reach out to you, our loyal customers, to ask for your assistance.  As of today, The Deli & Company will begin seeking sponsorships for ready-to-eat healthy meals for delivery directly to health care providers and

first responders in the communities we serve.   

This will allow us to feed the folks who are on keeping us all safe everyday.

By sponsoring, you'll be helping us to create healthy food to sustain them on their long shifts

so that they can stay healthy too.

How it works:

You can order online here and we'll hold the order aside until we have enough (6 or more) to warrant a delivery to either the local Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire and EMT's.

Our Plan is to have a Healthy Wrap, Side Salad, Fruit, Cookie and Water for each person that palces an order.  

 Included in this price is the coordination, packaging and delivery of food and beverages

Want to donate something bigger?  Choose one of your sandwich platters, large salads or box of cookies

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